xx Voltroon (VTN)

STAKING BONUS - Start staking in your account with minimal 1 VTN balance in deposit wallet.

FAUCET - Roll faucet bonus every hour and get up to 0.001 waves!

AFFILIATE - Get 10% from referral bonus.

DEPOSIT & WITHDRAW WALLET - You can deposit and withdraw your vtn balance everytime you want.

Voltroon Staking website Link to the official Voltroon website.

Voltroon Telegram Community. Link to the Voltroon Telegram Community.

Voltroon Twitter Link to Voltroon Twitter.

Voltroon Facebook Link to the Voltroon Facebook page.

Voltroon Instagram Link to Voltroon Instagram.

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Perform simple social media tasks for this airdrop. Join the Voltroon Telegram community for more info.
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