The Ropcoin-RPCN contest!

Perform 6 social media activities to have a shot at the prize. The prize pot is an amazing 8,000 RPCN1!
(1st prize - 3,000 RPCN1, 2nd prize- 2,000 RPCN1, 3rd prize - 1,500 RPCN1, 4th prize - 1,000 RPCN1, 5th prize 500 RPCN1)

Contest ends July 25, 2018. The top 5 contestants will be rewarded and announced in the Ropcoin-RPCN Community Telegram group.

NEW: Now 200 RPCN1 Extra per completed CoinPulse and Twitter Task. That means 400 for all that Vote and Tweet according the rules!!

5. Retweet or tweet about Ropcoin-RPCN. Make it a good one!