Prime-Ex Perpetual (PEXT)
The Real Estate Revolution!
Project information
Prime-Ex Perpetual
Project Information

Prime-Ex Perpetual (Prime-Ex) takes control of the real estate process from beginning to end, encompassing the selection, construction, sales, borrower financing, and maintenance of our custom homes. This enables Prime-Ex to create an environment where participants win every time with a new property being built, sold, and financed within our ecosystem.

Prime-Ex Token (PEXT)
PEXT information

Prime-Ex Perpetual will utilize blockchain technology to crowd-fund its operations with the PEXToken (PEXT), and creating both organic and external demand for PEXT within the Prime-Ex business model.

PEXT Trading
Trade PEXT on Yobit

Prime-Ex Campaigns
Many PEXT give aways!

We have various PEXT give aways and campaigns. Visit our telegram group to make sure you do not miss any.

Prime-Ex Perpetual website Link to project website. You can get all project information here.

Prime-Ex Perpetual whitepaper Link to the project whitepaper.

Virtual Tour! Watch the Prime-Ex Houses in a Virtual Tour.

Prime-Ex Perpetual telegram group Link to the Prime-Ex Telegram group.

Nasdaq Interview with CEO John Gilbert Link to the Nasdaq Interview on Youtube.

Prime-Ex YouTube Link to the Youtube info Video.

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