World's simplest, fastest and most secure payment technology. Secure bridge between parties for online business transactions.
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What Is PayVX?

PayVX Is The World's Simplest, Fastest And Most Secure Payment Technology. The Provided Crypto-Currency Escrow Service Builds A Secure Bridge And Creates A Trust Relationship Between Both Parties For Online Business Transactions.


As Crypto-Currency Transactions Are Irreversible, Dealing With Untrusted Parties Constitutes Serious Degree Of Risk For Both Buyers And Sellers. PayVX Effectively Secures This Process, Ensuring Confidence And Trust For Processing Those Operations.

PayVX Website Link to the PayVX website.

PayVX whitepaper Link to the project whitepaper.

PayVX Telegram Community. Link to the PayVX Telegram Community.

PayVX Twitter Link to PayVX Official Twitter.

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