Pantos (PAN)
Introducing Pantos, the first Multi-Blockchain Token system.
Project information
Pantos (PAN)
What Is Pantos?

Pantos is the answer to an increasingly fragmented digital currency market. It is an open-source, open-innovation driven research project, bringing all major blockchain platforms closer together, which will set new standards for decentralised cross-chain token transfers.

Pantos Vision

Pantos aims to bring influential blockchain projects closer together, improve communication between developers, researchers and users, and set innovative standards for decentralised cross-chain token transfers.

Pantos Website Link to the Pantos website.

Pantos Visionpaper Link to the project Visionpaper.

Pantos Telegram Community. Link to the Pantos Telegram Community.

Pantos Twitter Link to Pantos Official Twitter.

Pantos Medium Link to the project Medium channel.

Pantos Facebook Link to the Pantos Facebook page.

Pantos YouTube Link to the Youtube Channel.

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