Blockchain Hotels (HCI)
We Are Building The First Chain Of Hotels Based On Blockchain.
Project information
Blockchain Hotels
Our Vision

We are building a global network of hotels across the world’s most beautiful and exciting destinations. Decentralized from electricity and water sources, completely different from traditional hospitality options (and a lot more fun), each hotel is an oasis of positive energy, entertainment, productivity, freedom, and the spirit of innovation.

Blockchain Hotels

The Blockchain Hotels project is an exciting and new kind of hospitality and real estate investment opportunity. it is the rare project where investors will be guests, and guests will be investors.

Blockchain Hotels Website Link to the Blockchain Hotels website.

Blockchain Hotels White Paper Link to the project White Paper.

Blockchain Hotels Telegram Community. Link to the Blockchain Hotels Telegram Community.

Blockchain Hotels Twitter Link to Blockchain Hotels Official Twitter.

Blockchain Hotels Medium Link to the project Medium channel.

Blockchain Hotels YouTube Link to the Blockchain Hotels Youtube Channel.

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Blockchain Hotels Campaigns
Blockchain Hotel Daily AirDrop Campaigns.Go there
Daily AirDrop tasks in telegram channel. Join the Blockchain Hotel Follow the link for more info. Join Blockchain Hotels Telegram group for questions.
Blockchain Hotel Competition.Go there
Join the next edition of the Blockchain Hotels Competition! What do you need to do to take part and possibly become one of 2 winners? There are 100 Hotel Coins to win!
Blockchain Hotels Affiliate/Referral campaign. Refer friends and earn HCI!Go there
Earn 5% commission on your friend's purchases in our pre-sale. Your friends will also receive a 1% commission for using your link.
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