xx Datocoin

Welcome to the revolution of social networks and entertainment online, Welcome to DATOCOIN. The digital revolution has impacted almost everything in the world and DATOCOIN will create a revolution in payment solutions for social networks and online entertainment.

xx Datoshpere

Datocoin works under the concept of ā€¯multiconnected marketingā€¯ a series of decentralized online platforms where you can bet on your favorite team, play on online casinos, exchange cryptocurrencies in our Exchange, exchange assets and services in our Marketplace. We are also developing the BLOCK-U, an Online University. This set of decentralized platforms will be called Datosphere and the official circulation token will be the DATOCOIN (DTCN)


xx Colium

COLIUM is an Airdrop Coin for DTCN Token Holders.
1 DTCN = 10 COL

Datocoin site Link to the Datocoin site.

Datocoin Community. Link to the Datocoin Telegram Community.

Colium Official Telegram Group. Link to the Colium Official Telegram Group.

Datocoin Twitter Link to Datocoin Twitter.

Datocoin Video Link to Datocoin Youtube Video.

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