Crypviser Network
The most secure decentralized communication platform. Launch in April 2018.
Project information
Crypviser Network
Project Information

The business model of Crypviser Network will be presented on the commercial market as a Freemium. Subscription plans for social communication platform will be available for free and ad Premium Plan in the full featured decentralized mode with enabled automated Blockchain encryption.

Crypviser Network Token (CVT)
CVT/CVN information

CVT is a utility token issued for use inside the Crypviser Network. With CVT you can pay for the premium subscription of our decentralised Crypviser messaging app for secure social communication and also perform instant transactions through CVPay. The exchange ratio is 1:1, which means that for 1 CVcoin(CVN) you will get 1 CVT in Crypviser Network. The CVT exchange to CVcoin will also be available with the same ratio through your mobile wallet within the Crypviser App.

Crypviser Campaign
FREE tokens for new members!

All new members who open a new Bitshares wallet and fill it with at least 10 CVCOIN(CVN) will get an invitation to download the Crypviser App beta (iOS release) for secure social communication and FREE 10 CVT in the Crypviser Network to activate the full-featured subscription. The event will be valid starting from 20th Feb, 2018 until the commercial launch in April 2018!.

Crypviser website Link to project website.

Crypviser telegram group Link to the >1K member Telegram group.

Crypviser medium Link to the medium channel.

Crypviser BTT Link to Crypviser Bitcointalk.

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