CyberRailNET (CRNT)
CyberRailNET is the first innovated system designed for the current railway systems.
Project information
CyberRailNET (CRNT)
CyberRailNET Targets

  • 1. Improve transport efficiency and transport capabilities of the traffic system; Reduce energy consumption and environmental cost.
  • 2. Enhance mobility, convenience and comfort of the traffic system; Improve security and reliability of the traffic system.
  • 3. Create business opportunities related to travel; Provide integrated, uniform and standard information.


  • 1. We got licensing form Japan government and technical support from concerned department that allow us to do the R&D in Japan in 2017.
  • 2. We got approval from India government that allow our team to test our system in India in 2018.
  • 3. We have reached out to Southeast Asia countries (Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia) as we are planning to expand our SEA market in 2019-2020.

CyberRailNET Website Link to the Official website.

CyberRailNET White Paper Link to the project White Paper.

CyberRailNET Telegram Community. Link to the CyberRailNET Telegram Community.

CyberRailNET Twitter Link to CyberRailNET Official Twitter.

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