The Bilibit Ecosystem

There is much need for humanitarian support. Many of these initiatives struggle with funding or have trouble getting organized properly. The Bilibit Ecosystem can be the umbrella under which our partners can operate.
Use Case

The Bilibit Ecosystem can be used as donation tool for unfortunate people and calamity struck places.

Use Case

The Bilibit Ecosystem can host a crowdfunding platform and aid crypto idealists to build projects.

Use Case

The Bilibit Ecosystem can host a decentralized community market and partner up with merchants around the globe.

The Bilibit Token

The Bilibit Ecosystem is fueled by the Bilibit Token. Use of the token is fast, cheap and reliable. It is not bound by borders, does not rely on goverments or companies and can also be used by unbanked people.

Bilibit Token Information

The Bilibit Token is based on the Etherium Blockchain. The BLB contract address is 0x9b11b1b271a224a271619f3419b1b080fdec5b4a.

BLB info

Bilibit Token Trading

The Bilibit Token can be traded on the following exchanges.

Octaex BTC
Octaex ETH
EtherDelta ETH

Bilibit Tokens are now only available with Token Packages.

You can also purchace Bilibit Tokens on the exchanges.

Be a Bilibit supporter!

Tokens package

  • 2,500 Bilibit Tokens
  • Price 0.05 Eth
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Be a Bilibit investor!

Tokens package

  • 10,000 Tokens
  • Price 0.2 Eth
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Be a BIG Bilibit investor!

Tokens package

  • 25,000 Tokens
  • Price 0.5 Eth
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Bilibit Token Wallets

The Bilibit Token can be stored on any ERC20 complient wallet. We advise to use:

Rounded Image MEW
Rounded Image Metamask

Join the Bilibit Community

Bilibit has a large and friendly community for all people in this world. Please join us and let us change the world together!