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CoinPulse.ioGlobal and Advanced Digital Currency Trading Platform.

Network TokenCryptocurrency education made easy.

Prime-Ex PerpetualTokenized real estate revolution (PEXT).

ColossusCoinXTExtremely Resource Friendly Cryptocurrency, Lightning Fast, Completely Anonymous.

PayVXPayVX, Leading Escrow Crypto Currency. World's simplest, fastest and most secure payment technology. Secure bridge between parties for online business transactions.

BilibitBilibit (BLB). The great beast coin next to Bitcoin. ICO pre-sale now live!

CartographeumProof of Location: Historical Safing & GPS Data Protection & Route Optimization.

CrypviserThe most secure decentralized communication platform. Launch in April 2018.

MultivenMultiven (MTC). The world's first blockchain-based marketplace for the global $3 Trillion IT products and services Industry.

PolybiusPolybius. Restarting Private Banking. (PLBT).

PantosIntroducing Pantos, the first Multi-Blockchain Token system.

Billzboard's Crypto Trading Game
Play the Crypto Trading Game!Go there
Get a highscore and show your skills to the community. Current prize pot of 10,000 COLX is awarded by ColossusCoinXT.
Billzboard's Crypto Contests
Win a 10,000 COLX prize!Go there
Contest with 4 project related questions, a CoinPulse Vote and 1 social media link. Runs till April 12, 2018.
Win one of 3 prizes of a 9,000 BLB prize pot!Go there
Contest with 5 project related questions, 2 votings and a twitter follow. Runs till May 1, 2018. (join telegram group)
Win one of three 3000 CARTO prizes.Go there
Contest with 6 project related questions and 1 social media link. Runs till June 1, 2018 (join telegram group)
CLOSED: Win one of three 500 PEXT prizes.Go there
CLOSED! Contest with 6 project related questions and 1 social media link. Winners announced in (join telegram group)
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Top 15 Campaigns
20 million CPEX Give Away!Go there
20 Million CPEX Giveaway starting on April 1, 2018. Please click on the link find out more.
Amazing rewards on Yobit Investbox.Go there
Investboxes now launched for PEXT. Paying up to 4% DAILY. For a limited time only. This is a "thank you" for helping to establish our trading market.
We are opening up a course creation program! You will be required to write a full course for this bounty, if we select your course for upload you can receive up to 5,000 Network tokens.
Special prize of 5,000 CPEX tokens to subscribe to our YouTube channel.Go there
One out of all subscribers upto June 30, 2018 will be selected to received 5000 CPEX tokens. You need to subscribe to the channel and leave your ETH address in a comment.
Vote for PEXT on CoinPulse.Go there
Vote for PEXT on CoinPulse exchange and have a shot at one of 3 weekly wednesday prizes of 5 PEXT. Runs until June 2018. Show your vote and comment with username in the Prime-Ex telegram group.
Early Bird ICO Bonus. Go there
20% bonus on Presale Phase 1!
Bilibit bounty campaignGo there
For info about the Bilibit bounty campaign you can go to the BTT thread.
Early Bird ICO Bonus. Go there
Normally 1ETH = 5000 CARTO. You get 6500 (30% extra) until April 1.
PayVX referral campaignGo there
For info about the PayVX referral campaign follow the link.
Cartographeum bounty campaignGo there
New cartographeum bounty campaign. Now live!
Early Bird ICO Bonus. Go there
Get 25% MTC extra. Max 1,000 ETH. Runs till May 6th.
Multiven bounty campaignGo there
For info about the Multiven bounty campaign follow the BTT link.
PayVX airdrop campaign. Do simple tasks and earn 300 PVX Tokens!Go there
For info about the PayVX airdrop campaign follow the link.
FREE tokens for new members.Go there
Get some CVCoin (CVN) and fill in the form for 10 free CVN and acccess to the Crypviser Network.
PayVX bounty campaignGo there
For info about the PayVX bounty campaign follow the link.
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