Billzboard's Crypto Trading Game

In this game you trade your way to become a true Crypto Trading Legend. Start with 1 BTC, select your Altcoins and start trading and investing. You have 4 quarters (turns) to prove your skills to the community. Use your Telegram name in the game and claim your victory in the sponsor's Telegram group or billzboard to get the prize!

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Billzboard's Crypto Projects

Find out all about some of the finest Crypto Projects around.

Billzboard's Contests

Contest 4 project questions and social media activities. WEEKLY PRIZE! (join telegram group)
ROPCOIN CONTEST: Win one of 5 prizes of a 8,000 RPCN1 prize pot!Go there
Contest with 6 social media activities. Runs until June 25.
Ended Win a 10,000 COLX prize!Go there
Ended Contest with 4 project related questions, a CoinPulse Vote and 1 social media link. Runs till April 12, 2018.
Ended Win one of 3 prizes of a 9,000 BLB prize pot!Go there
Ended Contest ended May 1, 2018. (join telegram group)

Billzboard's Project Campaigns

20 million CPEX Give Away!Go there
20 Million CPEX Giveaway Has Finally Started. Follow the link to Register and go for the CPEX Give away. One will get 100,000 CPEX!!!
Register at Bilibit and refer a friend!Go there
Get $5 free BLB for registering and also for referring a friend who buys BLB during the ICO.
CyberRailNET airdrop is live now!!!Go there
CyberRailNET airdrop is live now!!!Get 30 CRNT (Worth $6) for free plus 30 CRNT (Worth $6) for each successful invitation.
Bilibit Crypto Trading GameGo there
Bilibit's Crypto Trading Game with weekly prizes of 250 BLB
We are opening up a course creation program! You will be required to write a full course for this bounty, if we select your course for upload you can receive up to 5,000 Network tokens.
Special prize of 5,000 CPEX tokens to subscribe to our YouTube channel.Go there
One out of all subscribers upto June 30, 2018 will be selected to received 5000 CPEX tokens. You need to subscribe to the channel and leave your ETH address in a comment.
Vote for PEXT on CoinPulse.Go there
Vote for PEXT on CoinPulse exchange and have a shot at one of 3 weekly wednesday prizes of 5 PEXT. Runs until June 2018. Post your vote and comment in the Prime-Ex telegram group.
LocalCoinSwap Presale now live! Get in quick for the 40% bonus!Go there
LocalCoinSwap is holding a crowdsale event of LCS Cryptoshares. Follow link to join!
Blockchain Hotel Daily AirDrop Campaigns.Go there
Daily AirDrop tasks in telegram channel. Join the Blockchain Hotel Follow the link for more info. Join Blockchain Hotels Telegram group for questions.
Bob's Repair Main Sale Bonus. Go there
Main Sale is LIVE with up to a 20% bonus!
Blockchain Hotel Competition.Go there
Join the next edition of the Blockchain Hotels Competition! What do you need to do to take part and possibly become one of 2 winners? There are 100 Hotel Coins to win!
Bob's Repair bounty campaignGo there
For info about the Bob's Repair bounty campaign you can go to the BTT thread.
PayVX referral campaignGo there
For info about the PayVX referral campaign follow the link.
U Network Telegram incentive CampaignGo there
U Network team selects weekly active community members and rewards accordingly based 5 categories.
U Network Twitter bounty campaignGo there
The U Networt Twitter bounty campaign 4 weeks 500,000 UUU!
LocalCoinSwap Referral campaign. Refer friends and earn LCS!Go there
Earn 5% Referral Bonus on your friend purchases in our pre-sale. And your friends will also receive a 5% bonus for using your link.
Cartographeum Early Bird ICO Bonus. Go there
Normally 1ETH = 5000 CARTO. Get 25% extra in April only! That is 6250 CARTO for 1 ETH.
Vote for BLB on OctaEx.Go there
VOTE BLB KKCoin AND GET 100 BLB PER VOTE. For the bounty form/instruction see the "go there" link.
Blockchain Hotels Affiliate/Referral campaign. Refer friends and earn HCI!Go there
Earn 5% commission on your friend's purchases in our pre-sale. Your friends will also receive a 1% commission for using your link.
Ropcoin (RPCN1) Airdrop2 campaign. Fill in form to join!Go there
Follow the link to go to the airdrop form.
Cartographeum bounty campaignGo there
New cartographeum bounty campaign. Now live!
Join the private sale for starting funds. Go there
Join the private sale for starting funds for Domains, Hostings, Web development, Transaction gas and other future projects.
Multiven bounty campaignGo there
For info about the Multiven bounty campaign follow the BTT link.
Multiven Early Bird ICO Bonus. Go there
Get 25% MTC extra. Max 1,000 ETH. Runs till May 6th.
Daucet Airdrop. Join and get up to 10k DCET!Go there
Airdrop with 100M DCET allocation! Duration: April 19 - May 5. Follow the link for instructions.
PayVX airdrop campaign. Do simple tasks and earn 300 PVX Tokens!Go there
For info about the PayVX airdrop campaign follow the link.
Crypviser FREE tokens for new members.Go there
Get some CVN and fill in the form for 10 free CVT and acccess to the Crypviser Network.
PayVX bounty campaignGo there
For info about the PayVX bounty campaign follow the link.
The Pantos Technology ICO is happening now!Go there
Pantas ICO just started. Be among the first to join!
Dbrain bounty campaignGo there
Join the Dbrain Bounty Campaign (by bountyhives)
Votem bounty campaignGo there
For this bounty program, Votem has reserved 0.5% of tokens sold to reward bounty participants. Follow the link to BTT for more info.
Lendingblock bounty campaignGo there
Join the Lendingblock Bounty Campaign.
Votem (VAST) Public Presale Started!Go there
Votem (VAST) Public Presale Dates : 2/27/2018 - 3/29/2018. Follow the link to join.
Vote for NoxBox on CoinPulseGo there
Vote for NoxBox and get rewarded by the NOXBOX Telegram community.
Vote for NoxBox on CryptaldashGo there
Vote for NoxBox and get rewarded by the NOXBOX Telegram community.
Prime-Ex Amazing rewards on Yobit Investbox.Go there
Investboxes now launched for PEXT. Paying 5% DAILY. For a limited time only. This is a "thank you" for helping to establish our trading market.
Get your CoinPulse branded promotional shirts on Amazon.Go there
Now available on Amazon: CoinPulse branded promotional shirts. Get one!
PayVX  ICO Bonus. Go there
20% bonus on ICO tokens
Play the Crypto Trading Game!Go there
Get a highscore and show your skills to the community. Win a prize donated by the Sponsor if you win a round!

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