Billzboard presents

The PLBT holders contest!

Are you a true Polybius insider? Answer 10 questions correctly about the PLBT community and have a chance to win 15 PLBT!.

Contest ends November 20th 2017, max. one entry per address. The winner will be announced in the Official English Polybius Telegram Group.

Q1. What does PLBT stand for?

Q2. What was the bonus amount of tokens 24 hrs after the start of the ICO?

Q3. What was Oleg Tinkov actually making after he thought he would be building a bank?

Q4. Moderator @edgarbers is also referred to as?

Q5. Polybius will be on the following conferences in 2017:

Q6. The new CEO that will start in January 2018 comes from?

Q7. Somebody heard 2 'crypto gurus' discuss the PLBT value for December this year. What did they expect the value to be?

Q8. Name 2 of the "most amazing supporters".

Q9. The guy with the red glasses is:

psycoxand psycoxand

Q10. How many news updates are expected for november and december 2017?